Fight for Mafia, KNPI Riau: Vote for Pro Smallholders President Candidates

Fight for Mafia, KNPI Riau: Vote for Pro Smallholders President Candidates

Credit: Special, PEKANBARU – The people of Indonesia delivered their criteria of vote when president candidate contest started. Chairman of Komite Nasional Pemuda Indonesia (KNPI) Riau Province, Larshen Yunus told it.

Located at Padepokan Garuda Pancasila, on Jalan Rebung Number 177 Arengka Indah, Simpang Ardarth, he emphasized that on behalf of the people of Indonesia, he told significant criteria to anyone who would be the president of this country. He has to be pro to ‘true’ smallholders’ fate.

He told it to fight for the existence and influence of land mafia and or palm oil plantations who wrap themselves as ‘smallholders’. The criteria would open every mistery about camouflage of mafias in this country.

“The people should get smarter namely about smallholders’ civitas. Get improved! Do not let the mafias enjoy every help from the government or from the country,” he said, as in the official statement to, Monday (1/5/2023).

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He also mentioned, his side started campaigning about it. It needs to enliven the spirit to fight for mafias.

“The natural ecosystem in Indonesia should remain well. Any progress and development of palm oil plantation should have limits. Do not let the influence of oligarchy dominate palm oil plantation sectors. The people need to be aware of it,” he who graduated from Sekolah Vokasi Mediator, Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) Yogyakarta, said.

His institution would send official documents to General Election Commission so that every term and condition for every president candidate should cover the struggle of smallholders’ life because at the principles, this country lives from the sector. (T2)

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