RSPO Collaborates with Independent Smallholders in Riau to Promote Sustainable Palm Oil

RSPO Collaborates with Independent Smallholders in Riau to Promote Sustainable Palm Oil

Guntur Cahyo Prabowo, Head of Smallholders RSPO. Credit:, RIAU – Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is fully committed to supporting independent smallholders in the Riau Province who are part of the Asosiasi Anugrah. RSPO aims to improve their cultivation practices and increase their productivity for a sustainable future.

According to Guntur Cahyo Prabowo, the Head of Smallholders RSPO, independent smallholders in Indonesia need support to develop further.

“The collaboration among stakeholders, such as, planters, industries, downstream industries could be one example to develop independent smallholders’ capacity in the globe,” Guntur said to, Tuesday (9/5/2023).

Guntur emphasized that the collaboration of Asian Agri Group, Apical Group, and Kao Corporation in developing smallholders' capacity is an excellent example of what can be done to improve the livelihoods of independent smallholders globally.

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RSPO recognizes the importance of empowering smallholders and providing them with sustainable and responsible practices to promote long-term prosperity. In the future, RSPO hopes to expand these initiatives to reach even more independent smallholders and promote sustainability across the palm oil industry.

He thought, RSPO certificate that Asosiasi Anugrah would get, is the multi-side cooperation. That is why every party should support it.

For information, the cooperation among stakeholders that joins in Smallholder Inclusion for Better Livelihood and Empowerment (SMILE) would help the preparation, process to independent smallholders’ certification.

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It is hoped that SMILE program would deliver better insight and skills for the smallholders in the future. That is why the involvement of Asian Agri Group, Apical Group, Kao Corporation, and RSPO in part of SMILE program which is now running. (T1)

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