Launch of Lanskap Leuser Alas Singkil River-Basin (LASR) Program in Three Aceh Regions

Launch of Lanskap Leuser Alas Singkil River-Basin (LASR) Program in Three Aceh Regions

The signing of Memorandum of Understanding of SLPI-LASR Project in Three regions – District of Aceh Singkil, Aceh Tenggara, and City of Subulussalam in the hall of Pendopo Walikota Subulussalam, Tuesd, SUBULUSSALAM – The Lanskap Leuser Alas Singkil River-Basin (LASR) Program was officially launched in three regions of Aceh Province, namely Aceh Tenggara District, Kota Subulussalam, and Aceh Singkil.

The event took place at the Walikota Subulussalam Hall on Tuesday (16/5/2023) and was attended by the Ambassadors of Switzerland in Indonesia.

Manager Project LASR, Christina Rini said that LASR is a program which ws proposed by The Sustainable Landscape Program Indonesia (SLPI) – the bilateral program in memorandum of understanding between the Government of Swiss and Indonesia which was represented by Coordinator Ministry in Economy in December 2022.

"The three year – program would encourage better economic development by applying landscape approach which is the same with the mitigation priority in national scale as it is regulated in its contribution in Indonesia,” she said.

The program is the same on with regional governments in Aceh Province, they are, City of Subulussalam, District of Aceh Singkil, and District of Aceh Tenggara. The goal is to encourage the capacity in the regions to plan, stimulate economic development within the target – area productivity, commodity production system should be sustainable; area cultivation governance plans which are sustainable should contribute to reduce green-house gas (GHG) emission.

Christina Rini also mentioned the goals of SLPI are to contribute to realize good land (plantation) governance which is sustainable in Indonesia that would deliver advantages from natural ecosystem completely, and escalate agricultural production.

“Then the chance of income for the villagers through supply chain integration in the global level would be sustainable too and eventually would minimize poverty and GHG,” she said.

Christina also described that LASR project is part of SLPI. In this case, Swisscontact (SC) was assigned to implement LASR in January 2023 by State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO).

LASR landscape is in Aceh Province that covers District of Aceh Singkil, City of Subulussalam, and Aceh Tenggara.

It is acknowledged that LASR would have high risk to the chancing land canopy and area production. By having agricultural development pioneered by Swisscontact, it would implement the same project with its partners, they are, Earthworm Foundation and PT Koltiva.

LASR Project consists of two layers by implementing specific jurisdiction approach for stakeholders in district/city level and then integrating smallholders in bigger scale to get into sustainable supply chain. (*)

By: Nukman Suryadi Angkat

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