Musim Mas adopts European Union Deforestation Regulation

Musim Mas adopts European Union Deforestation Regulation

Credit:, JAKARTA – Following the announcement of the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) by the EU Board, Musim Mas, a prominent palm oil business group in Indonesia, has embraced and adopted the regulation. In an official statement on its website, Musim Mas Group acknowledges the EUDR as an opportunity for Indonesia and the EU to collaborate on implementing actions that can generate profits. The group's commitment aligns with the ambitious goals of the EU Green Deal and Indonesia's sustainable vision, as they share common principles.

By adopting the EUDR, Musim Mas Group demonstrates its dedication to responsible and sustainable practices in the palm oil industry. The group recognizes the importance of collaboration between Indonesia and the EU to ensure the effective implementation of the regulation and to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. This commitment reflects the shared vision of preserving the environment, combating deforestation, and promoting sustainable development in both regions.

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Here are the official explanation from Musim Mas Group about EUDR acceptance on 17 May 2023 as quoted:

For EU Parliament announced in April, EU Board also announced to adopt EUDR, it would be about to minimize deforestation and forest degradation risks about every product that would be sold or exported in EU.

The ambition of EU behind the regulation is part of European Green Deal which is more ambitious and visionary that needs appraisal.

To realize European Union Green Deal, the regulation implementation needs to involve producer countries that specifically left ‘no one and no planet behind’ principle. The smallholders are not ‘deforestation risks for EU but they may have no infrastructures to show their obedience. They may have rights on land but have no certificate, no agricultural maps to prove their obedience. They are risky to be left behind.

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As one of many stakeholders, Musim Mas Group accepts EUDR and sees as the opportunity for Indonesia and EU to develop implementation action which would deliver profits. The ambition behind EU Green Deal, the sustainable vision in Indonesia, and commitment of Musim Mas Group, has the same principles.

By involving in every supply chain, starting from the independent smallholders until the consumers’ end products, Musim Mas Group hoped that every party could find the meeting point with the goal to complete one to the other and be in harmony.

As palm oil plantation company that supports the success of independent smallholders in Indonesia, and cares about consumers in the world, we do hope that every party in every level could consider the needs and potential of independent smallholders in Indonesia and allocate the right resources so that EUDR would realize the same success. (T1)

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