How to Get Palm Oil Scholarship 2023

How to Get Palm Oil Scholarship 2023

Credit: Special, JAKARTA – The Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, with funding support from the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency, has announced 13 campuses and colleges where students can apply for the 2023 palm oil scholarship. The selected institutions include Akademi Komunitas Perkebunan Yogyakarta, Politeknik LPP Yogyakarta, Politeknik Kelapa Sawit CWE Bekasi, Politeknik Kampar, ITSI Medan, Universitas Prima Indonesia Medan, INSTIPER Yogyakarta, Sekolah Vokasi IPB, Politeknik ATI Padang, Politeknik Teknologi Kimia Industri Medan, Politeknik Aceh, Polbangtan Medan, and Institut Teknologi Perkebunan Pelalawan.

Hendratmojo Bagus Hudoro, the Director of Plantation Protection at the General Directorate of Plantation Ministry of Agriculture, expressed the hope that this program would attract young individuals to actively contribute to the palm oil industry in Indonesia. The scholarships are open to five sectors within the palm oil plantations, including planters, workers, planters and workers' families, coordinators in unions and institutions, as well as government officers involved in the palm oil sector.

“The registration (to get scholarship) opens in May and would be for five sectors. They are specialized for the big families of palm oil world. These are the ways to escalate human resource (HR) in palm oil sectors. The goals focus not in the plantations and plans only but on preparing the HR,” Bagus Hudoro said in a SEVIMA Seminar, Tuesday (23/05/2023).

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Bagus also said palm oil scholarship quota escalates double in numbers this year from the previous year. Last year, there were only 1.000 students while in 2023 there would be 2.000 students to get the scholarship to study.

The candidates of students could choose competency and department for they are various, for instance, Diploma One (D1) Palm Oil Seeding at Akademi Komunitas Perkebunan Yogyakarta, D3 Account at Politeknik LPP Yogyakarta, D4 Plantation Production Management and Technology at Institut Pertanian Bogor, and Undergraduate Information Technology System at Institut Teknologi Sawit Indonesia.

"The total is 40 study programs at 13 campus and college in Indonesia that have something to do with palm oil. We also provide option for the student candidates to get palm oil human resource scholarship 2023. There are account and information technology (IT) because the plantations need IT,” Hendratmojo said.

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Those that pass every selection would get facilities, such as, fee transport from hometown to campus, fee transport from and to campus, fully educational fee, opportunity to get apprenticeship in big palm oil plantation companies, and certificate of competence. They would get cash for dormitory, pocket money, book fee which the numbers would be adjustable with nowadays standards.

The closing registration would be on 19 June 2023. Every registration and selection would be online and free of charge.

“If you are interested in, please visit, and register immediately by pressing ‘Register Now’ button at our website. Every file and selection test would be online within upload and computer - based test (CBT),” Hendratmojo said. (T2)

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