The Peatland in BL Area

The Peatland in BL Area

after Peat Restoration board (prb) is made, every peatland, including in the business license (bl) area is noticed. What about the peatland status? will it be handed over to the government?

In the midst of November 2016, Ministry of Agrarian Affairs/National Land Agency did  the meeting to discuss peatland in the BL area.

It was attended by Peat Restoration Board (PRB), representative of the Ministry, the planters (growers). There were some agreements in the meeting to decide the peatland status in BL of palm oil plantation.

From what Info SAWIT got, the agreements will be available for the BL proposal which have been in the PublicationProcess Documents of the BL and the license before the President’s Regulation No. 1 / 2016 about the Peat Restoration Board which peatland in it.

Here is the decision, “verification will be done by Ministry of Agrarian Affairs and Spatial/Land National Agency and Peat Restoration Board to the indicative map of Restroration Priority as it is decided in the Decision of Head of Peat Restoration Board No. SK 05/BRG/KPTS/2016 about the Indicative Map Publication on the Peat Restoration in 7 provinces decided”.

The first, for  the BL application . . . .


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