the plan to make special regulation for palm oil raises pro and contra. some thought, palm oil has many kinds of regulation in Indonesia. some other thought, palm oil needs regulation which equals to the laws. how important is the draft?

The fast progress of palm oil industries nationally happens in the same time with the fast bad issues saying palm oil is the factor of environment damage, and the source of fire in the forest and areas.

It always happens, the environment campaigners say, palm oil is developed in un- sustainable ways, though since 2011, there has been a palm oil cultivation practice which should be in sustainable and social perspective. Unfortunately, the regulation is not powerful enough. In addition, the palm oil markets wholeover the world do not respond it well.

Besides the environmental issues, the complicated license in palm oil is assumed to be the source of disaster in Indonesia. Behind the negative issue, the fact shows, palm oil has been the source of economy for the nation. It is proven, palm oil is the biggest source of exchange in non oil and gas sector. In 2016, the national exports reached US$ 18,1 billion or decreased 3% to the exports in 2015 reaching US$ 18,67 billion. For it massively contributes and has superiority but has negative issues, the Legislators initiates to make Palm oil Laws.

Vice Chairman of Legislation Board, Indonesian Legislators, Firman Soebagyo said, the making of the Laws has clear and good goal. Palm oil has contributed to the national exchange. Palm oil industries have high economic value, the industries hire many workers, and palm oil downstream industries are potential to develop.

 “If it is compared, palm oil is just the same with oil and gas sector, while in oil and gas sector, there has been Regulation  . . .

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