crude palm oil as the material for the FOOD AND NON-FOOD derivative industries, becomes the potential key to the success of international high demands. the increasing market needs internationally become parts of the successful production which keeps increasing in every single year.

The international consumption on CPO which keeps increasing could be represented by the market demand from the developing countries, such as, India and China. The CPO demands are increasing in every single year and it is part of the success of the increasing production from the national palm oil plantation.

Though national palm oil plantation still faces many challenges, but in every year, it always tries to increase the CPO production through the best and sustainable practices.

Through these, palm oil plantation is responsible on starting its cultivation nationally by the planting of best and superior seeds, which means, the seeds are traceable. The usage of best and superior seeds is part of the dynamic palm oil plantation in the late years.

The best seeds have become parts of learning during the years. It may happen that the sustainable palm oil plantation could develop if the higher productivity occurs. So it is important to plant superior seeds in palm oil plantation nationally.

If palm oil plantation nationally gets the high productivity, the harvest will be bigger too and could welfare the land owners. The palm oil plantation owners, such as, the company and the smallholders will get the biggest portion from the welfare.

So the CPO production nationally which keeps growing is part of the increasing demand internationally. The biggest demands on the CPO produced by Indonesia are China and India.

The World Needs CPO

India and China, . . .

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