Retno Marsudi Discussed Palm Oil Issue

Retno Marsudi Discussed Palm Oil Issue

InfoSAWIT, BRUSSEL Secretary of External Affairs, Indonesian Republic, Retno L.P. Marsudi in her visit to Belgium, did meet with Secretary of the External Affairs, Belgium, Didier Reynders  and Vice President of European Commission in External Relationship and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini to discuss some billateral issues in the office of the Ministry, Tuesday.

“I talked to Mogherini, starting from palm oil, to wood,” Retno said after accompanying the Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, meeting the King and Queen f Belgium to inaugurate the annual festival, Europalia that would last until January, 2018, as quoted from Antara.


Retno Marsudi was there to inaugurated the Europalia festival that Indonesia is the partner country. Secretary I, Pensosbud, Indonesian Embassy in Brussel, Ance Maylany said to Antara London, Wednesday.


She also said, the meeting with Mogherini was to know the perspective about the strategic issue in the two countries. Besides, Retno also had good communication with Mogherini so by the policy in the world, Indonesia has good reference, namely about the position and the perception of European Union.


In the meeting, she also mentioned the negative campaign about palm oil and it is hoped, European Union could make fair treatment to the palm oil and wood product from Indonesia that have been certified.


She also committed to increase the the trade between Indonesi a – European Union, and agreed to increase the cooperation to face the terrorism and radicalism.


After the meeting, Retno accompanied Vice President, Jusuf Kalla to meet the Belgium Businessmen Federation and told the business commitment in the two countries and increase the trade and investment. (T3)

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