Mulo Ulo is ready to Get Palm Oil Seeds

Mulo Ulo is ready to Get Palm Oil Seeds

InfoSAWIT, HULU KUANTAN  - It is 90% that the smallholders’ group in Village of Mudik Ulo, Sub district of Hulu Kuantan would be ready to get help from the regional government of Kuansing.

Comission B, Kuansing Legislators said that after meeting the smallholders who would get the help, Tuesday (10/10)  noon. "They are 90% ready to get the help. They have dug the holes to plant palm oil,” the member of Kuansing Legislators, Rosi Atali said, as quoted

Village of Mudik Ulo, Rosi continued, would get the seed helps for 34 hectares. “In Sub district of Hulu Kuantan, this year, two villages get the help – the first is Mudik Ulo and the second is Village of Lubuk Ambacang. In Village of Mudik Ulo, the areas reach 34 hectares – one smallholders might have one or half hectare,” he said.


To distribute the seeds from the government to the union, as what the Plantation Agency told him, it would be done in the end of ths year, or at last, in the first week in November 2017. “It is being verified still. The seeds would be directly distributed” he said.


Chairman of Commission B, Kuansing Legislators, Andi Nurbai led the field visit, accompanied by the members, Rosi Atali, Naswan, Asnidar, Raden, and so on. (T3)

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