The Dwali Would Make Palm oil Price Better

The Dwali Would Make Palm oil Price Better

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN  - Heading to Diwali celeberation in India, crude palm oil (CPO) demand would increase. The increasing trend keeps happening in every year, and keeps increasing the price.

In October, the CPO price increases from RM 2.666 to be RM 2.735 per ton. "It gives positive influence for the smallholders,” economy observer of North Sumatera utara, Gunawan Benjamin, recently said in Medan.

Though it is better, the CPO price is cheaper than it in last year. In 2016, heading to Dwali celebration, it was RM 2.770 per ton.  Though it is slightly differnet, the work could be better in last year.


The CPO demand trend heading to Diwali is hoped not to burden the new regulation that India has run, that is the increasing income tax. Moreover, CPO is one mainstay commodity from North Sumatera.


The protective regulation might make loss, namely for the smallholderss.


After the Diwali celebration, CPO is hoped to be stable for the celebration is temporary only and the fundamental sentiment, and seasonal. After the celebration is over, the CPO would be normal to consume again.


“We need to notice the normal consumption. When the consumption decreases, compared to the day before the celebration, there would be expectation, the economy in India is not goo and might influence the CPO price in the future,” he said, as quoted from MedanBisnis.


The increasing CPO price becomes the reference to fresh fruit bunch price in the province. It gets better than it in last week.


Chairman of Indonesian Smallholders Association, North Sumatera,  Gus Dalhari Harahap said, the FFB price decisions in North Sumatera on 10-17 October 2017 are: , the three year old fruit is Rp 1.501,96 per kg, the four year old fruit is Rp 1.645,1 per kg, the five year old fruit is Rp 1.743,9 per kg, the 6 year old fruit is Rp 1.793,33 per kg dan the 7 year old fruit is dipatok Rp 1.809,02 per kg.


The 8year old fruit is senilai Rp 1.857,79 per kg, the 9 year old fruit is Rp 1.892,45 per kg, the 10 to 20 year old fruit is Rp 1.939,49 per kg, the 21 year old fruit is Rp 1.935,71 per kg, the 22 year old fruit is Rp 1.910,37 per kg andthe 23 year old fruit is Rp 1.891,56 per kg. Then the 24 year old fruit is Rp 1.829,31 per kg, andthe 25 year old fruit is Rp 1.773,59 per kg.


"The FFB price in the smallholders’ level is about Rp 1.600sper kg. But knowing the prediction of order to increase, the price might increase too, and so does in the smallholders’ level. It is hoped to be Rp 1.800 per kg in this week," Gus said. (T3)

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