Presiden Jokowi Officially Launched Palm Oil Replanting Program

Presiden Jokowi Officially Launched Palm Oil Replanting Program

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Palm oil industries are the strategic industries nationally. The industries become the pillars of budget (reachingUS$ 16,94 billion or equal to Rp227 billion).The industries also hire more than 8,2million that consist of (the workers in the people’s plantation, the employees of companies, the suppliers), the workers to provide material, the providers of vegetable energy, and employees to develop one region. Palm oil plantations now lay about 11,91millionhectareswithin the production reaching 33,22milliontonswithin people’s areas, reaching 4,65 millionhectares, and the production reaching 10,86milliontons.

The productivity could be categorized  as small one compared to the potential. It just reaches 3,7tons/hectare/year. The ideal potential could be 8 tons/hectare/year. The main factors of the small productivity in Indonesia are the old trees, namely belonging to the people’s and most of them planted uncertified seeds. So it needs to replant the trees covering 2,4 million hectares.

To support the replanting program for the planters, the government has gathered Crude palm oil Supporting Fund (CSF) through Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency and supported by the credits from the banks.


President of Indonesian Republic, JokoWidodo, said, the palm oil replanting program for the planters would be done in every province producing palm oil and would be in phase. “The replanting program starts from South Sumatera, to North Sumatera, Jambi, and Riau,” the President said when officially inaugurating the replanting program for the people’s area, Friday (13/10) in District ofMusiBanyuasinand attended by InfoSAWIT


Based on Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA), the fund has been agreed to be distributed for 4 (four) unions in District ofMusiBanyuasin, South Sumatera Province, covering about 2.834 hectares and 1.308 families. They are, Koperasi Unit Desa (KUD)Mukti Jayacovering 2.030 hectares; KUD Sumber Jaya Lestari covering 160 hectares; KoperasiProdusenKelapaSawit (KPKS) TribaktiSentosacovering 216 hectares; KPKS SukaMakmurcovering 428 hectares.(T2)

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