Conflict of Two BL License Maps, The Smallholders Hope the Solution

Conflict of Two BL License Maps, The Smallholders Hope the Solution

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –When the smallholder nearly get their hope to re-cultivate their palm oil areas that were abandoned, there is bad news. It is said, there are two attachments of maps of the Business License (BL) from BIG’ s main areas. This issue shocks not BGA Group only as the winner of the auction , but also the smallholders.

The attachments of maps of Business License from National Land Agency, West Kalimantan Province in the early of 2017 make them speechless. The maps are overlapping with the plasma areas. In addition, most of the plasma smallholders’ areas have certificates.


Chairman of WadahKerjaAntarKelompok (WKAK) Village of Biansak, Nandirin said, the attachment maps of Business License of PT WahanaHijauSawit (the ex of PT SLA) from the National Land Agency, West Kalimantan Province are clearly overlapping with the smallholders’ areas. They who get the overlapping areas felt worry. “We hope, our land having the certificate would not be disturbed,” he said.


Nandirin continued, as long as they know, from the first time they got the palm oil replacement, from the PIR-Trans program in 1992/1993, the villagers never faced the overlapping issue with the main company, before it was managed by BIG.


So they hoped, there should be open information to determine the right map. He admitted, in 2012, there was palm oil planting in the abandoned main areas of ex BIG that the other company did. The villagers let it happen for there was no information for them. “The license might be from others but one thing for sure, we hope, the case has solution,” Nandirin said.


Head of Sub district of Sungai Melayu Raya, ErstyoHadiPurwo said, when socialization after BGA Group won the auction, the villagers really understood, the other company would be their partner. There was no obligation to pay the debts for BIG was bankrupt. “I just told to the villagers, don’t make a mess. See it first namely about the concern to the environment, namely, the company has good relation with the villagers now,” he recently said in the sub district.


Erstyo  also hoped, the two attachments of map of Business License should not make the villagers as the victims. He is neutral on the case but still vocalizes that the truth wins.


As the Head of Sub district, he has got principles to prioritize the safe condition. The investment could run well and so could the people. “I know, BGA Group is serious. It improves the broken infrastructures. It is amazing for us. The villagers get luck, and we are safe too,” Erstyo said. (T2)

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