Commemorating the Indonesia’s Independence Day, BGA Enliven the Nationality and Diversity

Commemorating the Indonesia’s Independence Day, BGA Enliven the Nationality and Diversity

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -In every year, Indonesia always commemorate the Independence Day on every August 17th. But in this year, it was different because one national palm oil plantation company made the moment to empower the nationality and unity in the name of diversity.

Within the theme “Menggelorakan Semangat Kebangsaan dan Kebhinekaan” or ‘Enliven the Spirit of Nationality and Diversity’ in BGA, the Independence Day of Indonesia, the 72nd, Bumitama Gunajaya Agro (BGA) Group in the same time, commemorated the day in each operational area of the company.

The directors and 400 employees of the company joined the moment in Jakarta. They did flag ceremony in Marine Field, Cilandak, KKO.


In the Independence Day, the 72nd flag ceremony, the inspector was Deputy Chief Strategic Officer, BGA Group, Priyanto. The flag raisers were the chosen employees of BGA Group.


Priyanto said, the commemoration of Indonesian Independence Day became the first time done in Jakarta and it was the responsibility of every employee of BGA, as part of the nation to continue the ideas of the founding fathers of the nation.


He also said, the social dynamic in Indonesia keeps changing and it needs hard work from many sides to contribute to make this nation go forward.


To fulfill the independence, he thought, it is not the government’s responsibility only, but also should be everyone’s responsibility, including the stakeholders. “The government itself has its own responsibility but as the planters, we are responsible to the independence itself,” he recently said in Jakarta.(T2)


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