“Juq Kehje Swen”, The Island for Orangutan

“Juq Kehje Swen”, The Island for Orangutan

Photo: Doc. Yayasan BOS

InfoSAWIT, WAHAU – The 82,84 hectare area island was officially launched as the pre-release for orangutan. The island is realized by the cooperation between Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF) and PT Nusaraya Agro Sawit (NUSA), the subsidiary of Palma Serasih Group. It waas launched by releasing 10 orangutans in the Juq Kehje Swen.

As one kind of protected animal, orangutan is noticed by the world society. Orangutan that does not live in the forest where it should live, does always have something to do with palm oil plantation. Actually, the accusation is not fully right.

Though palm oil plantation may be accused to put orangutan aside from their ‘home’, it does not mean, palm oil plantation development ignores to conserve orangutan.

It is proven that in Sub district of Wahau, District of East Kutai, East Kalimantan province, an island called, Jug Kehje Swen which in Dayak language it means, an island for orangutan in Indonesian language, has been operating.


The 82,84 hectare island was officially inaugurated and launched on 6 September 2017 to pre-release orangutan. It is in cooperation among Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOSF), PT Nusaraya Agro Sawit (NUSA), the subsidiary of Palma Serasih Group, and Balai Konservasi Sumber Daya Alam (BKSDA) East Kalimantan province.


It has been planned that the island would be the conservation spot to pre-release orangutan that was rehabilitated in the Pusat Reintroduksi Orangutan, BOSF, Semboja Lestari. Based on the previous survey done by BOSF, Jug Kehje Swen showed that the island has qualified forest, is isolated by the water in every year, has woof for orangutan, is wide enough to support the ability of adaptation and socialization, and could gather about 40 orangutans.


It is clear that the conservation island is very important for the orangutan to adapt in phase before the orangutan is released to the forest. According to BOSF, orangutan that has been in the rehabilitation process would spend about 7 to 8 years before it is released to the natural habitat in the forest.


The rehabilitation process starts in the nursery and by some phases, like the school for human being. This is designed to develop the basic skill of orangutan to survive in the original habitat. In the end process, it needs natural island and this is the chance for orangutan to survive in the environment like the natural habitat in the forest. It should be well maintained, but they could be watched about how the orangutan develops in the adaptation process.

To realize the opening and inauguration of the pre-release island for orangutan, BOSF also moved 10 orangutans from the Pusat Reintroduksi Orangutan in Semboja Lestari to the island. The goal is to prepare them to be the candidate to release to Kehje Sewen forest in 2018.


CEO BOSF, Jamartin Sihite said, the fact showed that it needs more areas to the pre-release activity. BOSF still rehabilitates about hundreds of orangutan in Semboja Lestari to release. This urged BOSF to accelerate the rehabilitation cycles, including the pre-release and release activity by preparing the special conservation areas within good support for the orangutans.(T2)


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