Prevent the Fire, Five Villages Got Rp 100 Million for each

Prevent the Fire, Five Villages Got Rp 100 Million for each

InfoSAWIT, JAMBI -The appreciation of Fire Free - Village was directly given by Deputy of Environment and Natural Resource Coordination, Coordinator Ministry in Economy, Indonesian Republic, Montty Girianna, to the representatives of the five villages that succeeded to prevent the fire in the forest and areas for the last one year.

They were Village of Lubuk Ogong, Village of Lalang Kabung, Village of Delik, and Village of Segati in Riau Province, and Village of Lubuk Bernai in Jambi Province. They deserved to get incentive about Rp 100 million from Asian Agri for joining the program, Fire Free Village that the company proposed one year ago. The fund would be advantaged to procure or improve the supporting facilities to prevent the fire in the villages.

According to the company, Asian Agri started the Fire Free Village program in 2016 by making partnership with 7 villages in Riau, and 2 villages in Jambi. In 2016, of 306.664 hectare areas in the villages joining the program, the villagers successfully reduce the fire up to 7,98 hectares, from the previous year that reached 13,75 hectares (2015).


Regional Head Asian Agri in Riau, Omri Samosir, said, the event was the real evidence of the company to prevent the fire in the forest and areas. It was done in cooperation by making alliance to prevent the fire. “The event is as the proof of palm oil development in environmental perspective within the sustainable practices,” he said.(T2)


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