The sustainable landscape program that its goal is to support the sustainable development belonging to the Regional Government of MusiBanyuasin is also supported by The Trade Initiative (IDH) and Zoology Sociality London (ZSL) so it becomes the pilot project in Indonesia.

Batanghari Leko and Lalan in District of MusiBanyuasin become the place to the pilot project. For it is new thing, it is hoped, it should be immediately finished so that it could be implemented in other regions in Indonesia.

There are major problems to face, such as, the legal about agrarian namely in the land ownership. There should be solution on the area legality and it needs the jurisdiction certification from the government, to fill the emptiness of the legal which could be polemic in the future.

“We would discuss the jurisdiction certification to the smallholders, RSPO, and ISPO so that we could be the first district in the world,” Regent of MusiBanyuasin, Dodi Reza Alex explained.

He thought, his side needs to empower the smallholders’ position so that they have certainty and support to do their business. He also mentioned, the jurisdiction certification could develop the economic potency for the people around palm oil plantation.

The next program that MusiBanyuasin would do and would be supported by Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) is replanting. Through the palm oil plantation companies, as the smallholders’ partners, it should support to increase their welfare.


Replant Thousand Hectares.

The plan is that the palm oil replanting program would be done. It has been in long process and for the first time for PFMA to implement its work by replanting the smallholders’ areas. The fund in replanting p

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