The Strategy to Palm oil Enlargement in Kamsen Saragih Version

The Strategy to Palm oil Enlargement in Kamsen Saragih Version

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Palm oil enlargement has positively influenced the people. But sometimes, some of people are suspicious and even reject palm oil enlargement. This happens for the previous plantation company misdealed with it.

So before enlarging, there are some strategies to do. Director of PT Inti Sawit Lestari, Kamsen Saragih said, to succeed palm oil enlargement in remote areas, one first thing to do is to make mapping. It functions to know the condition of one village where it is next to the palm oil enlargement to do.

Mapping, according to Kamsen, from his experience, is all about data, such as, the living source, education, age, and the figures of a village. The mapping itself might spend 3 months.

If the mapping has done, palm oil could be enlarged and should be in the same time to approach the people. “There is art in palm oil enlargement,” he said.

He also told the young generations who wants to be planters, besides understanding the science of plantation from the formal education, majoring the agriculture, or plantation, the planters should prepare their mentality. “The planters should stand the pressure from the people, should be clever, could know and understand the situation, love the nature, and not be childish,” he said.(T2)

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