JK: Improve the Technology in Plantation Sector

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Vice President of Indonesian Republic, Jusuf Kalla said, there are complexity in plantation and agriculture, such as, the limited areas for the increasing population and the industrial needs.

Like the theory of Malthus, said, the progress of production would not be balanced with the human needs on food. Jusuf Kalla thought, one thing to be the solution on the problem is by improving technology.

“It is our challenge to face the increasing consumers. On the other hand, the areas get narrower because of environmental issue, and climate change. So the technology is the solution. That is all,” Jusuf Kalla said after launching the Opening ceremony of World Plantation Conferences and Exhibition 2017 in Hotel Grand Sahid Jaya, Jakarta, Wednesday.

It is important to improve the technology in plantation sector for it relates to the economy in one country. Kinds of commodity of plantation, such as, palm oil, and coffee, give the exchange to Indonesia.

Jusuf Kalla thought, the reseach and development technology should not spend the budget or subsidy from the government. It could be done by joining some private plantations or enterprises plantation. He emphasized, the subsidy would be given to food plantation only.

“Years before, the research (for sugar) in Pasuruan was gathered from sugar factories. Palm oil research should be from the plantation. Not everything is given and provided by the government,” Jusuf Kalla said in the official statement to InfoSAWIT.

The technology improvement in plantatio sector is needed to solve the unbalanced of population, the limited areas, and the productivity. In his speech, Jusuf Kalla said, if in 2050, the world population would be 10 billion, the needs of food and the plantation result would increase about 70 percent.

He mentioned, if seen from the history, Indonesia once become the biggest plantation result exporter. Indonesia was the biggest sugar exporter and had the best sugar research institution in the world. But as time goes, Indonesia could not maintain the position, but becomes the sugar importer.

He thought, to increase the plantation production, it needs not only technology, but the discipline of the people. Discipline means, planting in the right time and right areas – not cultivate or plant in the forest, not enlarge in the hilly areas for it may make erotion. (T3)

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