In West Kalimantan, The Flag of Malaysia once Waved

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAKThe flag of Malaysia waved in palm oil areas belonging to PT. Ledo Lestari in Village of Semunying Jaya, Sub district of Jagoi Babang, District of Bengkayang, West Kalimantan Province, Monday noon (16/10).

The flag was found by the information from the people around and it was followed up by the related instance. From the people’s information, it was checked and found that the flag of Malaysia, and the flag of State of Malaysia and the making of red stake were done by Malaysian citizens, Sukri and Wil who said, they have legal documents on the areas from the head of village in Malaysia.

The waving of flag of Malaysia and State of Malaysia was next to and in the Indonesian territory. It passed the border of Indonesia and Malaysia at coordinate D 441 to D446.

As quoted, Head of Public Relation, Kodam XII Tanjungpura, Koplonel Inf Tri Rana Subekti when being confirmed through WhatsappFriday, (20/10) did not deny the case. “The accident was three days ago and it had been taken. There is no problem at all for the flag was in Indonesian territory,” he said. (T3)


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