The Capitalists “Cukong” of Palm oil Master 70% in Tesso Nilo

The Capitalists “Cukong” of Palm oil Master 70% in Tesso Nilo

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - WWF Indonesia noted, 70 percent of 88 thousand hectares in Tesso Nilo National Park (TNNP) in Riau Province have been mastered by the ‘cukong’ or capitalists. "There are only about 14 thousand hectares that become forests,” Director Policy, Sutainability and Transformastion, WWF Indonesia, Aditya Bayunanda recently said in Jakarta.

He also said, most of the national park have become palm oil areas. The government, he continued, is difficult to enforce for there is assumption, the people depend on the areas there. As matter of fact, there are capitalists controlling them to master the areas there.

So far, there has been mapped to the national park and 40 thousand hectares have turned to be plantation. Some of the plantation owners are from Riau, Jakarta, and the former officials. “The former head of National Land Agency, Riau Province, has become the suspect for having areas in the forest region,” he said, as quoted .

Tesso Nilo would become the pilot project to conserve by involving many sides. Besides, he continued, the government and the stakeholders would relocate the people having the areas there and would enforce the capitalist there. “We would make inventory there,” he said.

He also told, his side would focus to handle the issue in the park after WWF Indonesia makes it pilot project management office (PMO) by making the same Secretariat of Agrarian Reform and Social Forestry. “It starts from Tesso Nilo that become the pilot project of the government,” he said. (T3)

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