The People Demonstrated to PT KIU

InfoSAWIT, SAMPIT –Hundreds of people joining in Kelompok Tani Palampang Tarung in Village of Mekar Jaya,Sub district of Parenggean, Tuesday morning (18/10) demonstrated to PT Katingan Indah Utama (KIU). It was done because the areas, for tens of years, are used and advantaged by the company. The chairman of Kelompok Tani (Poktan) Palampang Tarung,Village of Mekar Jaya, H Hairis Salamet said, his side demonstrated for the company has harvested their areas for too long. They were promised to be partners through union. But for ten year, it is never realized.

“We felt disappointed at PT KIU for the company has taken ours without sharing the result to the union,” he said as quoted from

He also told, Kelompok Tani Palampang Tarung has about 388 hectares that PT KIU cultivates since 2004 until now. The people joining Kelompok Tani Palampang Tarung has come by to the District of Kotim to tell that the company should stop operating. The district has told the company not to harvest in the people’s areas.

Sigit, the representative of PT KIU said, his side obeys the regulation. But, his side just recently got the official document from the district. “We have stopped harvesting there. We also got the official documents from the local district, three days ago,” he said. (T3)

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