Export Target by Pelindo I Would be 13 million tons of CPO per year

Export Target by Pelindo I Would be 13 million tons of CPO per year

InfoSAWIT, DUMAI - PT Pelindo I (Persero) keeps optimizing the port of Dumai, Riau Province as the port to export crude palm oil (CP) in Sumatera islandup to 13 million tons per year.

“In 2018, Port of Dumai would invest much to increase the facility of liquid port of CPO. The loading point of liquid oil would be constructed  or from 200 – 300 tons per hour to pump, to be 500 tons per hour,” General Manager of Pelindo I, Dumai, Djuhaery recently said, as quoted from Antarain Dumai.

He believed, optimizing the port would confirm the port of Riau as the biggest one to CPO export actvity in Sumatera. Port of Dumai itself operates CPO exports up to about 6 million tons per year. It is more than the exports in Port of Belawan, North Sumatera that reaches 3,5 million tons per year.

Pelindo would optimize it for the liquid CPO is a prospectful business in Riau that could reach 13 million tons per year, and it could be more. Pelindo I, Dumai just reaches half of the numbers. The rests are exported by the stakeholders that make their own port.

Besides developing port of Dumai would support the industries around. There would be giant rail project and high way from Sumatera to Dumai.

The mega projects would accelerate the distribution of manufacture that might use containers and palm oil products. This would be potential for the complete port of Dumai.

Port of Pelindo I now has three docks, they are, Dermaga A, reaching about 350 meters to do general cargo, and passagner port. Dermaga B, reaching about 500 meter to load liquid oil and transporting CPO, and Dermaga C, reaching 400 meters to the container ships and dry commodity.

Djuhaery also said, in Demaga C, his side has invested Rp 100 billion to multiply the ‘mobile crane’ and has improved the field facitity to the containers.(T3)

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