There Were Still 45 Hotspots

There Were Still 45 Hotspots

InfoSAWIT, MEULABOH -  Meteorology, Climatology, and Geophysic Agency (MCGA), Meulaboh-Nagan Raya released, there were 45 hotspots in Aceh Barat and Nagan Raya. The numbers increased from 19 hotspots in the previous.

Head of MCGA Meulaboh-Nagan Raya, Edi Darlupti said, the fire in Aceh Barat were in Sub district of Meureubo within three hotspots, in Johan Pahlawan within 2 hotspots, in Samatiga within 2 hotspots, in Kaway XVI within 3 hotspots, Bubon within 1 hotspot, in Arongan Lambalek within 1 hotspot, in Woyla Barat within 4 hotspots, in Woyla within 3 hotspots, in Woyla Timur within 2 hotspots, and in Panton Reu within 1 hotspot. While in Nagan Raya in Sub district of Kuala within 1 hotspot, in Tadu Raya within 5 hotspots, in Beutong within 3hotspots, and in Darul Makmur within 13 hotspots.

As quoted from, the hotspot multiplied the fire in the land and areas in Aceh Barat and they had not been extinguished yet. It disturbed the people and the students. The school having lots of smoke was SDN 8 Meulaboh in Suak Raya. Some students should use maskers. “It was heavy smoke in the morning. But it got decreasing at noon. But the school still normaly runs though it is full of smoke,” Principal of SDN 8, Zainal Arifin said.

The fire in the areas also limited the look for the people who passed on  the street from Meulaboh to BandaAceh in Suak Raya and Suak Nie. Vice Regent of Aceh Barat, H Banta Puteh Syam gathered every institution, army and police.

The meeting was done in the room of Vice Regent to discuss the fire prevention in Aceh Barat. Vice Regent said, the meeting was to ensure what needs to do.

The fire in the areas also took place in Village of Rukoen Dame, Sub district of Babahrot, District of Aceh Barat Daya (Abdya) since three days ago and it gets wider.

“The fire keeps getting wider and burns the people’s palm oil areas in Simpang Labu. Not more than 4 hectares of the three villagers were burned into ground,” Tgk Abubakar Al-Bayani said. (T3)

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