Semester I-2017, FFB Production of ANJ Increased 4,2%

Semester I-2017, FFB Production of ANJ Increased 4,2%

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – By the first semester in 2017, the palm oil production of PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Tbk (ANJT) was good for the climate starts to change and the fresh fruit production (FFB) of the company increased 4,2%.

According to PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya (ANJ) Tbk., the company ended the first semester in 2017 (1H17) within the FFB production reaching about 4,2% to be 295.234 tons, compared to the first semester in 2016 that only reached 283.426 tons.

It happened for the increasing production in the plantation in West Kalimantan. It increased about 90% and the significant recovery from the negative El Nino that happened in 2015 in the plantation in Pulau Belitung. This decreased the production in 2016.

But palm oil plantation in North Sumatera I had decreasing FFB production, reaching about 54,2% because of long drought in the midst of 2016.

As same as the increasing FFB, the crude palm oil (CPO) and palm kernel (PK) increased 11,8% to be about 104.594 tons, compared to CPO and PK production in 2016 that reached 92.225 tonsin the same period.

The company also noted the increasing volume of CPO selling about 19,0% to be 86.500 tonsin 1H17 compared to 72.700 tonsin the same period in last year. But the PK selling slightly decreased from 17.788 tonsin 1H16 to be 16.449 tonsin 1H17.

In the first semester in 2017, the company sold CPO and PK within the average price, about US$ 634/ton, and US$ 505/ton, or more expensive than it in 1H16, reaching US$ 561/ton and US$ 443/ton for each.

As the result, the income from the selling increased 29,6% to be US$ 63,1 millionin 1H17 compared to US$ 48,7 millionin the same period in last year, just the same as the increasing production and selling volume, and more expensive average selling price.

ANJT also noted, about 93,2% of the total income in the company or about $ 63,1 millionwere from the CPO and PK selling or increased from US$ 48,7 million.

The renewable energy industry has provided about US$ 3,2 millionin 1H17,and the same numbers in 1H16. “In the same time, we keep making the strategy to be out of tobacco business and substitute it to have better value, such as, developing edamame,” ANJ reported. (T2)

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