Not Revoking but GR of Peat Needs Adjustment only

Not Revoking but GR of Peat Needs Adjustment only

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – The stakeholders urged that the Government Regulation (GR) No. 57/2016 about the Protection and Peat Ecosystem Cultivation and the other supporting regulations should not be implemented for the running investment.

“Every stakeholder agreed with the government that the regulation is published to prevent the fire in the forest and areas,” Chairman in Agrarian Affairs and Spatial, Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA), Eddy Martonso said in Jakarta.

He thought, the stakeholders did not want the regulation revoked. But it should be adjusted so that the investment would not be disturbed and postponed.

“We do not want to revoke the regulation. But we only want, the investment should keep running. For example, the Business License for palm oil plantation should not be prolonged and could not be in replanting program, and there should be law enforcement or certainty of investment,” he said.

The making of indicative map in peat hydrology areasor kawasan hidrologis gambut (KHG) should consider the real field condition. If the plantation is in the KHG, there should be recovery process.

“Recovering spends some investment. On the other hand, the recovery is limited by one cycle. There are investment, human, school, and also banks. The field condition should not limit that much,” he said.

The GR No. 57/2016 was published in the end of 2016 to revise GR No. 71/2014 about the Protection and Peat Ecosystem Cultivation.

Following up the publication of GR No. 57/2016, Secretary of Environment and Forestry (EF), Siti Nurbaya published four Regulations of Secretary (RS). Three of the RS might postpone palm oil industries, such as, RS No. 14/2017 about Procedures of Inventory, and the Decision of Peat Ecosystem Function, RS No. 15/2017 about the Procedures of Water Surface Measurement in the Peat Ecosystem Arrangement and RS No. 16/2017 about the Technical Guidance about the Peat Ecosystem Recovery.(T3)

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