Biodiesel Producers Change the Other Countries besides USA

Biodiesel Producers Change the Other Countries besides USA

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Biodiesel stakeholders have anticipated what the USA government does by making anti dumping income tax on palm oil biodiesel product of Indonesia reaching 50,71%. “Since the last one year, Wilmar has not exported biodiesel to USA,” Director of Wilmar Nabati Indonesia, Erik Tjiang said to the press in Jakarta recently.

He also mentioned, the previous biodiesel production that was exported to USA is now diversed into two forms. The first, selling biodiesel is diversed to others, and the second, it is produced in other forms from palm oil.

Meanwhile Director of Trade Security, General Director of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Trade, Pradnyawati said yes that the domestic biodiesel producers do not export biodiesel to USA since the early of this year. One reason is that the biodiesel price is not competitive anymore. “So we are searching the other countries to export biodiesel,” Pradnyawati said.

The early anticipation is done because the domestic biodiesel industries have known the trade protectionism done by USA President.(T3)

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