ISPO is The Answer for the Negative Issues

ISPO is The Answer for the Negative Issues

InfoSAWIT, PONTIANAK – Coordinator of Indonesian Palm Oil Association (IPOA) West Kalimantan Province, Idwar Hanis said, Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO)  certificate would be the answer to the negative issues vocalized locally and internationally to palm oil in Indonesia.

“We are still accused by the dynamic and complex challenges and issues to cultivate palm oil, both in the upstream and downstream sectors,” he said in a national seminar about palm oil plantation as the economic factor within the theme ‘ISPO Certificate Acceleration’ in Pontianaka, Thursday.

He also gave example, the negative issues might be about environmental, human rights, labor, export taxes and others.

“To answer everything, the companies are suggested to get ISPO certificate. In addition, ISPO is the regulation published by the government,” he said, as quoted from Antara.

But he continued, the good news is that in the last ten years, the plantation keeps developing in the province. There have been 1,4 million hectares in the province. Of the total numbers, 250 hectares are the partners of the company.

“The fast progress showed, the investment in the province is good enough. The regional government should commit on this. We thank the government that commits to maintain the good investment,” he said.

Developing the investment climate and sustainable the plantation should have the ISPO certification.

“There have been 400 palm oil companies in the province. There have been 18 of the companies getting ISPO. We should notice it, and should support the others to get ISPO certification,”  he said. (T3)

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