FFB Price in Aceh Gets Better

FFB Price in Aceh Gets Better

InfoSAWIT, LHOKSUKON – The fresh fruit bunch (FFB) price in the remote area in Aceh Utara is now stable. Days before it was decreasing to be Rp1.000 and now it is Rp1.250.

The FFB collector in Gampong Panton Rayeuk Sa, Sub district of Kuta Makmur, Aceh Utara, Zikron, as quoted from GoAceh recently said, the FFB price gets stable since the last three weeks. It was cheap for the abundant stocks from the smallholders.

“We gather the FFB from the smallholders and we sell it to the agents. We are used to reject about 15 to 20 tons per day,” he said and continued, besides becoming FFB collector, he also hires some smallholders to process the FFB. They get Rp 200 per kilogram.

“They got more money to process (cut) the FFB in a day rather than doing nothing,” he said.(T3)

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