Palm Oil – Cow Program, Target to Breed 2 Million Cows in East Kalimantan COul be Reachable

Palm Oil – Cow Program, Target to Breed 2 Million Cows in East Kalimantan COul be Reachable

InfoSAWIT, SAMARINDA –It is programmed that the target to breed 2 million cows in East Kalimantan province would be reachable by the end of this year. Besides taking the people’s livestock, the program also involves the plantation companies.

Head of Livestock Agency, East Kalimantan, Dadang Sudarya said, to get the target, his side has madeUpaya Khusus Sapi Wajib Bunting (Upsus Siwab). This is the integration program between cow breeders and palm oil plantation owners.

“Not only that, the cow breeding in the former areas of coal has run too,” he said, as quoted from Kaltim Postrecently.

He thoought, the target of Upsus Siwab in East Kalimantan has its own target of engineered insemination up to 18.942 acceptors. This year, there have been 9.927 cows to get it. They consist of female cows and bufallo.

“If the cooperation with the coal mining companies runs well within the integration program, we calculated, the program could breed 59.375 cows per year,” he said.

He continued, the numbers are got from the data of the former mining areas that are not productive anymore in East Kalimantan.

Then through the cooperation with palm oil plantation companies, the palm oil – cow integrated program could breed 267.188 cows per year.

“Within some notes, the breeding is in the mature palm oil areas so that the cows would not destroy areas,” he mentioned.

He also continued, the cow breeding in palm oil areas would give benefits one to the other. The feces would be the fertilizer for palm oil, while the waste of palm oil could be the woof for cows.

Not only that, the other strategies would be done by Provincial government of East Kalimantan to get the 2 million cows are by maximizing the National and Regional  Budget in the province, districts, city, and adding the stimulant fund from the bank, through the cow breed finance, just like BPD Kaltim and BRI have run. (T3)

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