Cargill Supports the Social and Environmental Improvement in Remote Area

Cargill Supports the Social and Environmental Improvement in Remote Area

InfoSAWIT, MUSI BANYUASIN - Cargill Tropical Palm Holding Pte. Ltd., is where Colin Lee works in. It is a global company operating in many countries including in Indonesia. The vision and mission of Cargill Group really support the social and environmental improvement around the company operates.

Not only the operational of the company in the local up to the national level in one country, the company also supports many programs to increase the welfare of the people in general. The company focuses to develop the people’s economy, education and healthy.


Just in District of Musi Banyuasin, South Sumatera province, where the company operates its palm oil plantation. The palm oil areas support the people to increase their better lives.


Not only as the smallholders, the other kinds of profession and business service also develop as same as palm oil development. It is no question that the people’s economy around the palm oil areas where Cargill Tropical Palm Holding Pte. Ltd., operates, gets better.


By developing the surrounding, the company also helps to develop the potential in the region. For example, the children or young men who like soccer, by developing and training them professionally, they would have skills to be soccer players in the future.


Recently helped by Chelsea Foundation, Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., did soccer festival to train the young men having talent in soccer. The goal is that the young generation would be grow well and getting skill.


“Of course, not only soccer but also the other potential of the people according to their interest and field. They would be helped by Yayasan Masa Depan Cerah belonging to the company,” he said.(T1)

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