Won the Auction, BGA Group Faces the Overlapping License

Won the Auction, BGA Group Faces the Overlapping License

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Benua Indah Grup (BIG) was one group of company running plantation, mining, and forestry sectors. In plantation sector, BIG started to enlarge palm oil plantation in 1992. Palm oil was enlarged in West Kalimantan Province based on PIR-Trans.


PIR-Trans was a system of palm oil enlargement in the remote areas designed by the Central Government. In cooperation with the regional government, BIG in the first place enlarged about 4 thousand hectares and the people’s areas about 17 thousand hectares.


The massive plasma areas of BIG became part of the vision of the corporate and had will to develop palm oil areas reaching 21.954 hectares in the province locating in Sub district of Nanga Tayap, Marau, District of Ketapang by involving 21 villages.


But since the owner of the BIG corporate, Budiono Tan faced trial, the company got problems, starting to development, to the nursery. This made the areas very unproductive and the harvest was small in number and always faced financial deficit.


As time goes, BIG faced financial issue with the banks. The credits to Bank Mandiri were not paid and it ended to seal the treasure of BIG. After the seal, Bank Mandiri and Court of Ketapang did auction to the public.


In May 2015 PT Inti Sawit Lestari, the subsidiary of Bumitama Gunajawa Agro (BGA) Group won the auction. BGA Group legally owns the assets of BIG corporate. But after it was announced, BGA Group could not fully manage the assets.


Though BGA Group has the legal Business License of BIG, BGA Group could not enlarge palm oil areas for it hits the complicated overlapping license.(T1)

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