Distributor Might Cheat, The Fertilizer is Hard to get

Distributor Might Cheat, The Fertilizer is Hard to get

InfoSAWIT, SINGKIL -The smallholders in District of Aceh Singkil urged the regional government to discipline the subsidized fertilizer distribution. It is assumed, there might be game when distributing it.

“Regional government of should discipline the subsidized fertilizer distribution. For all these days, the distribution might not be the same with the allocation and there may be business issue in it,” a smallholder in Aceh Singkil, M. Saleh recently said, as quoted from GoAceh.

He also said, in the official shop to sell subsidized fertilizer, there was no stock. The weird was that, the unofficial shop sells the official subsidized fertilizer.

He also mentioned, the official shop of subsidized fertilizer always has no stock

“The official shop has not much stock. If 5 sacks, the buyer would get one or two sacks only. while in the unofficial shops, they could sell the fertilizer more expensive than the expensive retail price, reaching Rp 140 thousand to Rp 150 thousand. The fertilizer should be directly sold to the smallholders, not in commercial,” he complained.

The other villager of Sub district of Gunung Meriah, Amli also complained the same thing. He said, in every year, the smallholders are hard to get the subsidized fertilizer.

They do hope, the subsidized fertilizer should always be available.(T3)

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