Japanese Investor Would Build EFB Factory in Riau

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU –Japanese investor would build empty fruit bunch (EFB) factory and palm oil stalk in Riau Province. It would have capacity reaching 250 thousand tons.

"The capacity would be about 250 thousand tons in every month because Riau has the areas. Palm oil is a gift for from the top to the bottom parts, we could produce it to be more useful,” President and CEO DSJ Holdings Inc, Ippei Hara, said, as quoted fromGoRiau.comin Pekanbaru recently.

He also mentioned, his side is interested to develop the EFB and stalk to be pellet biomass or the source of fuel that is environmental.

“EFB and old stock are not processed and as the waste only. For we have the tech and the patent, the palm oil waste would be processed to be something more useful, such as, pellet,” he said.(T3)

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