Civil Society in North Sumatera Makes Lawyer of Environment

InfoSAWIT, MEDAN -  Walhi Sumatera Utara, and some civil organization in the province, last Thursday, make a lawyer team focusing in environment.

The reasons to make the team are that the environment organization knew, there have been lots of damages, cases in agrarian affairs, and crime to the environment activists.

The civil organizations that initiate the environment lawyer team are Walhi Sumut, Bakumsu, Kontras Sumut, Pusaka Indonesia, PBHI Sumut, dan LBH Medan.

Director of Walhi Sumut, Dana Tarigan said, it needs to have the team know for there are lots of crime to the environment and agrarian activists until now in this province.

The civil organizations focusing to guide and help the victims in human rights and environment keep working partially, based on their projects and programs.

Based on that, he continued, it needs team to defend the people, and claim the corporates that make environmental crime.

He thought, in the previous period, the organizations kept claiming but they failed in the court. The issue is that they were lack of team to analyze the data and the issue. While the corporate and the damagers keep improving to their skills.

“This is why we make the team of environment lawyer. The civil organizations in North Sumatera have sent their team to join this team. It is a quick response to defend and help (the people in case),” he said, as quoted from

The team would educate the regions that have issues, such as, the enlargement, the land cultivation, and other damages.

The people should understand the law, get paralegal education, have ability and understanding about the legal, so that before the team helps, they already understand.

“It is important so that the people would not be fear of intimidation, the people know the legal and their right legally. These are the main concepts to make the team,” he said.(T3)

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