Cargill Menuju 100% Sustainable di Tahun 2020

Cargill Menuju 100% Sustainable di Tahun 2020

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., has five palm oil plantations in Indonesia, they are in Sumatera and Kalimantan. To support the operational of the plantation, Cargill has 9 (nine) palm oil factories(POFs) and two Palm Kernel Crushing (PKC) factories. The company also takes 971 POFs as the third sides that supply CPO to the company.


Based on the company, by the quarter of 2017, Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd., announced the public hearing. The traceability of PKO reached 100% and CPO reached 92%. The average ability on the palm oil traceability up to the factories reached 93%.


The company also has capability of traceability from the factory to the palm oil plantation. The traceability reached 35% for CPO and 20% for PKO. The average traceability in CPO and PKO from the palm oil plantation just reached 33%.


The minor traceability up to palm oil plantation, according to the company, happens for the difficult access and information got by POFs in the third sides that supply palm oil to the company. While the traceability of the factories of the company up to palm oil plantation reached 100%.


It is important for the company to have traceability from the chain of stock up to palm oil plantation for it is part of accountability of the company to the customers to clearly inform the origin of the material used by the company.


The next is that the company also did the advance ways to educate the customers in India and China. The operational of Cargill Group in the two countries also did the same thing by making traceability of the material. There are much material got from many countries, including from Indonesia.(T1)

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