Prevent the Fire from the Experience

Prevent the Fire from the Experience

InfoSAWIT, PEKANBARU -Actually the fire prevention in the forest and areas by developing the people has been running since 2011. But it was not comprehensively done and it was temporarily done. “We only prevented it for some months only, for example in February to March, and June to August,” Manager Sustainability Asian Agri, Zulbahri said.

Unfortunately this was not too effective to prevent the fire. The peak was in 2015 when the fire happened in some regions. Finally, he said, his side prevented the fire by investigation, giving facility, and preparing the human resources. In 2016, the company adopted the fire control by implementing the fire prevention in people’s participation – base by making Fire Free Village. “We learn from the experience,” he said.


Finally, the fire susceptible – villages were chosen around the company’s plantation. “We did analysis model based on Fire Management that had been planned. There were 7 villages in Riau and 2 villages in Jambi, reaching 306 thousand hectares,” he said.(T2)

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