Two Subsidiaries of CTP Are in Process to get ISPO

Two Subsidiaries of CTP Are in Process to get ISPO

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -In the late days, 40 companies got Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certificates. One of them was PT Poliplant Sejahtera, the subsidiary of Cargill Tropical Palm Holdings Pte. Ltd. (CTP).

CTP Government Affairs Director, Yunita Sidauruk, said, as the company committing to the environment, the sustainable practices should be implemented. So it is important to get the sustainable certificate as the serious action of the company.


Until now, she continued, there are two other subsidaries of CTP in process to get ISPO certificate. “The palm oil plantation in South Sumatera got ISPO certificate in the first place and now the plantation in Kalimantan,” she recently said in Jakarta.


She also admitted, the ISPO certificate does not give the additional value for there is no premium price by the certificate. But the goal is not to the premium price only but also to support the conservation that the government has supported. “This is mandatory from the government,” she said.


There were some problems to get ISPO certificate. She said, the main problem was the administration in the Business Licence document. The process involved not only one instance, but also involved the regional government up to the provincial government.


She also said, the other problem was that there will be no certain time to get the Business Lisence. Sometimes when the documents of Business Lisence are complete, there would be something missing. “We are sorry for that,” Yunita who is also the Chairman in Legal of Indonesian Palm Oil Association, mentioned.(T2)


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