Urge that Everyone Should not Enlarge by Burning

Urge that Everyone Should not Enlarge by Burning

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA –Deputy of Coordinator Ministry in Natural Resources and Environment Coordination, Montty Girianna, said, since two years ago, the government has changed its paradigm of fire from the extinction to prevention.

It is the best way to prevent the fire  as soon as it is possible, including to increase the early warning system, make good communication in the field, give incentive if the fire does not happen. “And urge not to develop the areas by burning,” he said.

He also mentioned, the fire prevention program involving the people, is done not only by Asian Agri, but alsoRAPP, APP, PT Tri Putra, PT SMART, and others.

But it is time, he continued, that the government makes a concept to prevent the fire so it could be replicated to other villages. “It is important to prevent the fire in the forest and areas,” he said.

He also hoped, what has been programmed could run still and should learn more and as hard as it could to understand, how to prevent the fire continuously. (T2)

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