Slow Palm oil Development in Liberia

Slow Palm oil Development in Liberia

InfoSAWIT, MONROVIA -The government of Liberia did series of contract agreement with the stakeholders after the civil war. The people did welcome it to improve the economy by making thousands of new employment, increasing the tax for the country and improving the infrastructure, and port.

But, some people thought, what the government did would raise ‘area seizure’. As quoted from, after one decade since palm oil development agreement done with Malaysian palm oil company, Sime Darby in 2009, there are only about 10 thousand hectares of palm oil areas planted. According to the contract, Sime Darby has 165 thousand hectares of concession license, and it was planned, in the first 15 years, about 75% of the concession license would be planted by palm oil areas.


Based on Chain Reaction Research, the same thing occurred to multi-national company, Golden Agri through LP Verdant Fund in New York. The company planned to plant about 30 thousand hectares. But after signing the contract in 2011, there are only about 15 hectares planted by palm oil.


This might happen for the human rights campaign and the environment protection. In the end, the issues forced the companies to adjust their business practice and plan to develop their palm oil areas in the future.(T3)

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