To Prevent the Fire, The Government Should Prepare the Fund

To Prevent the Fire, The Government Should Prepare the Fund

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Head in duty of Regional Management Disaster, Riau Province,  Jim Gafur said, the fire in the forest and areas is a serious issue to face, happens in every single year. It is the factor of the forest damage, and the loss of the people’s economy. “This is important issue and it needs lots of fund from the National and Regional Budget. It also influences the people. So it needs serious management in the future,” he said.

To prevent the fire in the forest and areas, some things to do are to increase the capacity to prevent the fire in every district and city in the province. “And cooperate with the plantation companies, just like Asian Agri does,” he said.

Not only that, he continued, the rewards for the participants of Fire Free Village would empower the fire prevention. It could be imitated by the other companies to help in preventing the fire and as the commitmeent of the companies to protect the environment.

“Let’s leave enlarging by burning for it would be negative for the people. I do hoped, the program could run and be the solution to prevent the fire,” he said.(T2)

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