Fire Free Village is Effective to Prevent the Fire

Fire Free Village is Effective to Prevent the Fire

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA - Fire Free Village started in March 2016 and in cooperation with Asian Agri. Head of Village of Delik, Rahmat said, the activity was done by developing and guiding the villagers, done by the company in the village.

The village is one category of susceptible fire for most of the area in the village is peat and a place to go fishing for the villagers. It lays about 14 thousand hectares and the peat lays about 1000 hectares. 5.700 hectares are palm oil plantation that Asian Agri cultivates and manages.


There are 800 families there and they had bad experience in 2015. 5 hectares were burnt into ground. “The fire burned the villagers’ areas,” he recently said.


After joining the Fire Free Village program, in 2016, the fire did not happen. Rahman said, his side did monitoring once a week. The village is appreciated by getting fund about Rp 100 million from Asian Agri.(T2)

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