In Sub district of Kamipang, 8 Villages Claimed Plasma

In Sub district of Kamipang, 8 Villages Claimed Plasma

InfoSAWIT, KASONGAN – Hundreds of people of Sub district of Kamipang claimed their rights to get plasma areas that PT Arjuna Utama Sawit (AUS) promised before.The palm oil plantation company has been operating for the last ten years.

Head of Sub district of Kamipang, Sukarti Alijar said, the issue has been running for too long. He did some meetings to facilitate the claim of the people to PT AUS.

"Before I am now, the issue happened. From some meeting, there was no good result for the villagers. And we tried to get help from District of Katingan to solve the issue,” he recently said, as quoted from

Until now, PT AUS seems to break its promise to the villagers. They did not want to hear promises anymore for years.

“It is almost 20 years that the company promised to make plasma. But it is never realized. PT AUS once offered the solution – taking the people’s areas as the company’s then the company run plasma. But it was fake promise,” he said.

During he is a head of sub district, he keeps urging the promise. PT AUS should report the plasma progress in every single month. Based on the last info, the company has enlarged their areas from Village of Jahanjang to the southern in phase.

“What I concern the most is that the company is not consequent to its promise. If it has enlarge, do they have the Business License and the coordinate? I am afraid, their activity would take the people’s areas,” he said.(T3)

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