Palm Oil Seed Procurement Might Break the Regulation

Palm Oil Seed Procurement Might Break the Regulation

InfoSAWIT, KOTABARU – Palm oil seed procurement for 23 smallholders’ groups in some villages in District of Kotabaru that Plantation Agency, District of Kotabaru did, might break the Decision of Secretary of Agriculture.

The assumption relating to the auction in the Regulation of Secretary of Agriculture No. 76/kpts/KB.020/10/2017 on 16 October 2017, is that the palm oil seeds to auction should be 9 to 24 months old.

As quoted froom Banjarmasinpost, from the information, in the auction announcement on 25 October to 2 November 2017, the palm oil seeds were only 9 to 18 months old.

From the information gathered, the first procurement reached about 49 thousand seeds within the budget reaching Rp While the second procurement reached about 75 thousand seeds within the budget Rp 315.000.000. Pejabat Pembuat Komitmen (PPK) in the Plantation Agency, District of Kotabaru, Abd Rahman, last Friday denied that his side broke the regulation to procure the palm oil seeds.

He thought, the seeds were twice in the auction. The first auction was failed for two auctioners joining the auction had uncomplete conditions. “The conditions are about the technical workers and SIUP. Then the second auction was done,” he said.

Rahman also claimed, there has been the winner to procure the seeds for the 23 smallholders’ groups and it is on the track.  (T3)

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