To Understand Palm Oil, The Student ofFMIPA UGMDid Campaign “SadarPalm Oil”

To Understand Palm Oil, The Student ofFMIPA UGMDid Campaign “SadarPalm Oil”

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Though palm oil industry is one mainstay commodity in Indonesia, the facts showed, many people of Indonesia do not know what palm oil could produce. If they are asked about sustainable practices, of course, it would be the strange words for them though palm oil has been consumed in their daily life.

This is the reason why Nizar Nur Wicaksono did his campaign “Sadar Palm Oil”. It was a simple campaign to inform that palm oil products are important and should concern to the product results by the environmental ways. “In the first place, I saw it in the information board in my campus. I got excited to join the competition ‘Youth Leader in Sustainability’,” the 21 year old - man recently said in Jakarta.


In the end, together with friends in the campus, Nizar started to inform about palm oil to the others and made a video campaign which could be seen in ‘Youth Leader in Sustainability’ paga. I tried to inform my friends about my campaign ‘Sadar Palm Oil,” he said.

The man of Tulung Agung, East Java Province said, palm oil has many functions and it is important that the young generation should understand palm oil products. “Palm oil, as a matter of fact, could be for cooking oil, ice cream, bread, and other products,” he said.(T2)

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