Sawit Sumbermas and BOS Foundation Develop Conservation Areas for Orangutan

Sawit Sumbermas and BOS Foundation Develop Conservation Areas for Orangutan

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA -Director of PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana, Tbk., Vallauthan Subraminam said, his side would inform to develop the orangutan conservation areas. This is done so that the people know and understand, and involve them.


To make the people understand and know about the orangutan conservation, it is planned, the company and BOSF will do training and give information in phase and sustainably, including developing the people’s economy in conservation base, so that the conservation will be the same like Tanjung Putting National Park. “We are in partnership and will train the people around about the concept of sustainability and environment so that the people could live side by side with orangutan. If every side understands about this, the conflict with orangutan could be minimized,” Vallauthan said.


As a matter of fact, PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana, Tbk., chooses this action for its high commitment to protect the environment, especially, to protect orangutan. In the early of this year, the company commited to be the sustainable palm oil company. This is the same as the principles and criteria of Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). PT Sawit Sumbermas Sarana, Tbk., itself has become the member of RSPO since 2012.


CEO of BOSF, Jamartin Sahite said, the partnership becomes one effort to fulfill the Strategy and Action Plan of Orangutan Conservation in Indonesia saying that in 2015, there will be no orangutan in the rehabilitation centers. Until now, the environment campaigners, especially they who focus to protect orangutan, keep finding some problems for there are many orangutan in the rehabilitation centers, both to be released, and unrealeasable.


The two kinds of orangutan need forest which is the same as their habitat. Though the cage is in best condition and facility, it is not the best thing for them. “So BOS Foundation tries its best to release orangutan which are in their program and which might be exploited by others,” Jamartin said in the official release of BOSF website.


Director of RSPO Indonesia, Tiur Rumondang thought, the partnership to make conservation in the natural – base is the good action and should be imitated.


Tiur mentioned, actually the orangutan protection should be done in the conservation perspective in natural – base so the conservation done by the government, company, and the non government organization could be in a whole process and connected one to another. “Sustainability equals to innovation”. To realize sustainability, it needs efforts to innovate. The sustainable conservation protection should relate one to the other so that it will make a corridor. It needs to remember, what to conserve is not particular animal or plantation but the habitat is to gurantee the ability and capability to survive and breed without any pressure,” she recently said in Jakarta.


By the making of conservation area in a whole process in natural - base, it will function and give advantage, especially, orangutan is far enough to explore.


It is normal that the protection in conservation – base is developed by involving many sides in the form of concortium. But Tiur said, it needs to notice, the concortium like this should have the holistic interest, that is, the balance between the existence of ecosystem, the long term needs for mankind, both individually and in group. “The environment protection will be easier to do by involving many sides,” Tiur claimed.(T2)

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