Field School, the Solution to Stop the Fire in the Areas

Field School, the Solution to Stop the Fire in the Areas

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – Changing the behavior not to burn is the good solution to stop the fire in the forest and areas that keeps happening in Indonesia. It is just like the implementation of Field School Padi Darat done by one national palm oil company, PT SMART Tbk.

Hard to breath, the bad air, and lots of losses were the effect of the fire in 2015. Luckily in the next years, the fire prevention are done together, not only the stakeholders nationally, but also the people prevent it by making Desa Makmur Peduli Api (Read InfoSAWIT February 2017, Desa Makmur Peduli Api –The People Are Better, The Forests and Areas Remain Good)

It is hoped to stop the fire in the forest and areas that keeps happening in Indonesia since the great fire in 1990s.

It is reasonable to involve the people for they who live next to the palm oil plantation could prevent the fire. They might always burn to cultivate

Though it is carefully done, but it is risky to burn the forest and areas. So it needs to change the behavior - the way to cultivate - and support the food dependency for the people in the remote areas.

Just like in Dusun Bian that administratively is in Village of Tua’ Abang, Sub district of Semitau, District of Kapuas Hulu, West Kalimantan Province. The dusun is a remote area and it is far from the sub district. This forces the people to spend lots of money to buy daily needs, such as, rice, vegebles, spices, and others.

For example, to buy one kilogram of rice in the shop in the dusun, they should spend about Rp17.500/kg, but if they buy it in the Sub district of Semitau, it is only about Rp.12.700,-/kg.

Unfortunately, to buy the daily needs there, it spends about 3 hours (go and forth), and should pass the bad infrastructure, dusty way when dry season, and muddy in the rainy season, and should pass Sungai Kapuas.

As written by InfoSAWIT, this makes them hard to manage their financial for they should pay the school fee of their children in the sub districts, districts, and province.

Besides the remote area, Dusun Nanga Bian lays on the land acidity reaching 3 - 4. Having the acidity, not every paddy could grow well there. If it grows, it is beyond expectation. To fulfill the rice in a year, they should plant paddy in a 4 – 6 hectare area.

So through the Field School Padi Darat that is one of corporate social responsibility of PT SMART Tbk and its main company, Golden Agri-Resources, through the subsidiary, PT. Paramitra Internusa Pratama (PIP), the program support the farmers to cultivateby prioritizing not to burn and move just like the old days, including the concept of cultivation in organic ways and intercropping.

According to the company, the Field School Padi Darat is one activity designed by the villagers of Dusun Bian participatively to answer the challenges and the issues they face in their daily lives. The main focus of the program is to give the opportunity for them to learn how to plant paddy economically and ecologically.

The learning process is done by comparing the ‘usual cultivation’ and the ‘adjusted cultivation’. During the process of learning, the materials to learn advantaged the natural resources around the village. The adjusted cultivation is done by maintaining the local wisdom they have for years. For example, when it is about to harvest, the ritual to cut off remains still based on the values of the tribe.

Through the program, the people could produce their food, namely rice and could stop the dependence on buying to others. If the rice has been got, it is hoped, the money that they spent could be allocated to the other needs, such as paying the school fee. “Field School Paddy Darat is the new learning media for us by advantaging and cultivating our land environmentally. We could fulfill our daly needs without enlarging hectares of area within the cultivation,” the former of Principles of Sekolah Dasar Desa Tua’ Abang, Harjono said, who actively supports the learning process when the Field School runs.(T2)

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