PTPN III Holding Got Net Profit, Rp 921 Billion

PTPN III Holding Got Net Profit, Rp 921 Billion

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – After having deficit up to Rp 805 billion (January –October) in 2016, now PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) III Holding is in good work. The net profits of the company in the same period in 2017 reach Rp 921 billion, or increase about 214% compared to the last year.

Director of PTPN III Holding, Dasuki Amsir said, it happens for the increasing culture of work, the selling, the productivity of the plantation, efficiency to press the goods. “And the better price of some kinds of commodity, namely palm oil that reached US$ 720/ton,” he said in Jakarta, Tuesday (14/11).

The increasing net profits were also supported by the increasing selling of the company until October 2017 that reached Rp 28,2 billlion or increased about 4,89% compared to the last year that reached Rp 26,9 billion.

In the same time, the productivity of the company increased about 8,5% while the kernel oil increased 3,57% compared to the same period in last year.

He also mentioned, the fresh fruit bunch (FFB) until October 2017 reached 6,6 million tons while the crude palm oil (CPO) and kernel oil reached 1,9 million tons. “By the end of this year, the production might be about 2,1 million tons,” he said.

Operational Director of PTPN III Holding, Erwan Palawi, said, the increasing average price of the commodity makes the income of the company better. For example, the increasing average CPO was from Rp 7.500/kg in 2016 to be about Rp 8.500/kg in this year. “It gets better about Rp 1,73 billion from palm oil only,” he said.

From the rubber, it was Rp 17.000 per kilogram but now it is Rp 24/kg or increases the income about Rp 400 billion. (T2)

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