Do Processed Product Exports

Do Processed Product Exports

InfoSAWIT, JAKARTA – It has been done since 2011 to boost the downstream exports. The scheme of citation done by Palm oil Plantation Fund Management Agency (PFMA) may increase the processed products to export. The composition of the processed exports has been reaching 79%.

Besides increasing the biodiesel industries nationally, the scheme of CPO fund that PFMA manages could be said that it contributes the exports of the downstream. For instance, in 2016 the exports of processed palm oil products were more than 79% of the total palm oil exports from Indonesia that reached 25,8 million tons ton.

This year would be the same. In the first three months in 2017, the processed products to export reached about 78% or about 6,06 million tons while the rests were crude palm oil (CPO) reaching 1,71 million tons.

Directr of Perencanaan, Penghimpunan, dan Pengelolaan Dana, PFMA, Agustinus Antonius, said, this year, the palm oil processed products would be more than those in last year, 2016. “The CPO exports would be 22% and the rests would be the processed ones,” he recently said.

He also mentioned, there are increasing downstream products to export and they are about 2,1% from the early of this year.

Kinds of goods to export also increase 5,9% or about 54 kinds. He also mentioned, the export values for biomass category also increased about 8,1%

Though in the volume, it is admitted that palm oil export decreased in last year. If in 2015 the exports reached 26,2 million tons, in 2016, the exports just reached 25,8 million tons or decreased about 1,5%.

But the value of palm oil exports increased nationally. Based on PFMA, the export value in 2015 reached about US$ 16,5 billion, while in 2016, the exports reached US$ 17,8 billionor increased 7%.

In 2016, palm oil exports contributed about 12,32% of the total exports in Indonesia while palm oil contributed 13,56% of the total non export oil and gas nationally. (T2)

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