The Smallholders Are Suggested not to Plant Fake Sprout

The Smallholders Are Suggested not to Plant Fake Sprout

InfoSAWIT, BANGKA –The massive fake and uncertified palm oil sprout distribution in the smallholders urged Pusat Penelitian Kelapa Sawit (PPKS) Medan to make a strategy and cooperate with the province, district and regional in North Sumatera and Bangka Belitung to take the smallholders to differentiate the fake and original palm oil seeds.

Supervisor of Bahan Tanaman of PPKS Medan, Bachtiar Habibullah Saragih, who is also in charge in South Sumtera and Bangka Belitung said, PPKS Medan is in cooperation with Forestry and Plantation Agency in every district through the people’s palm  oil plantation or Program Sawit Rakyat (Prowitra)program by providing the direct and original seeds.

“Lots of issue that the fake seeds are massively in the society. We cooperate by publishing the license for the original. We got the Decision from General Directorate of Plantation. They welcome and coordinate with us. The smallholders may come to get the seeds or could immediately contact me, or coordinate with the local agency,” he said in the official statement.

He also said, the Program Sawit Rakyat (Prowitra)has been running since 2013 and it is the attention from the governent through PPKS to get the legal seeds. “We want to help the smallholders for there are massive fake palm oil seed distribution and this is the cause of small productivity and the losses for them,” he said.

This is one direct strategy from General Directorate of Plantation to the smallholders. Meanwhile, Head of Agriculture Agency, District of Bangka, represented by Head of Plantation, Subhan said, palm oil could be harvested for more than 25 years. So the smallholders should pay attention to the seed issue.(T3)

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